Tuesday, June 17, 2014


In college, I was able to take an incredible class. It was hands-down my favorite class in my entire college career. Family Foundations is the name of the course. It is based entirely off of the A Proclamation to the World: The Family. In this class, the professor was most definitely inspired to share a little tidbit I had never thought about. I would like to share these teachings and the testimony I have received from this revelation here. 

I'll admit, for a number of years, I had the question "why don't women have the priesthood?", but not in an accusatory fashion. I simply didn't completely understand. I had faith that Heavenly Father has a reason for everything. Because I approached this subject prayerfully and holding all faith that Heavenly Father knows more than I do, and without turning to worldly sources, I was able to receive the answer to that question that had been sitting the back of my head.

In A Proclamation to the World: The Family, we learn that man and woman, husband and wife, have equal standings with each other under the Lord. Many prophets and church leaders have taught this time and time again as well. (Examples: 
1 Corinthians 11:11, A, B, C, D, E, ... okay I could go on and on! Feel free to search lds.org for more references!)

My Family Foundations professor pointed out the scripture mastery scripture, Moses 1:39.
"For behold, this is my work and my glory — to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man."

We know that we are assigned to help fulfill his work on the Earth, yes? And we each have divinely appointed roles, which we agreed to before we came down to this Earth. Our eternal covenant marriage relationships are 3-way: husband, wife, and Jesus Christ. We all work together.

The professor broke down the scripture quoted above, which has sometimes been nicknamed "The Lord's Mission Statement." There are two main parts to the Lord's work. Bringing to pass *ETERNAL LIFE* and *IMMORTALITY*

This is where men and women with their divinely appointed roles fit in. The priesthood is what ultimately brings about Eternal Life. Without the priesthood, we cannot make sacred covenants and be sealed to our families, which we know is essential to obtaining eternal life.
However, we cannot obtain eternal life without first having immortality. What do we need to have immortality? First and foremost, we must have a body. How do we get bodies? Well, only the woman has the physical capability and the divine calling to create a human child and help him/her to grow and develop before finally entering the world outside the woman's body.
The priesthood will help to bring to pass eternal life, and the bearing of children will bring to pass immortality. We women are, hand in hand, creators with the Most High God. How cool is that!!

And BOTH of those keys - immortality and eternal life - need BOTH men and women. But the larger responsibility of these keys falls to one and the other. Men with the priesthood NEED women. They need to be sustained. They need to be in covenant with a woman and Heavenly Father. They need to be able to honor and uplift their wives. They need women for all mankind to obtain eternal life.
Women simply cannot bear children without a man! (I hope we all know and understand why....) And the pr
ophets have counselled that the best home environment for children involves a man and woman, legally and lawfully wedded for time and all eternity in the House of the Lord. This isn't the case for everyone. There are single parents, and the prophets have addressed these cases. Also, not every woman can have kids in this life, even if they have a righteous, worthy temple marriage.

But that doesn't mean a woman cannot live out the rest of her calling. Being a mother is more than just bearing children. If you don't believe me, go talk to anybody you know who has adopted or fostered children. Hear their testimony, pray and ponder over it.

When I was younger, in young women's I was told "men have the priesthood and women make babies." I thought "what a ripoff!"
Oh how wrong I was!
I do not have children yet, but I have since come to understand how much Satan is distorting the image of motherhood. He is making it appear to be ANYTHING BUT a righteous, desirable, holy, divinely appointed calling. Which is EXACTLY what it is.

I so look forward to when I have children, whether through my own body or through somebody else's. I know I, and all women, have been set apart and chose to accept the calling of motherhood. And side by side, with the priesthood, my husband and I, and all other married couples, will lead the world, bring souls unto Christ, and come forth on the great and dreadful day. Together. As truly equal partners. 

Satan wants to destroy the family.
Well, here it is.
Women not being satisfied with one of the greatest callings in the entire universe.

His power is so, so terribly strong.
But ours is greater.
He can nip our heels, but we can crush his head.
I bare this as my testimony that God never changes. That His true gospel is on the Earth today, and it can be found in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know Heavenly Father has an eternal plan for each and every one of us, and as we turn to him, with a broken heart and contrite spirit, we will receive the answers to our prayers and be guided throughout our Earthly life. I know the blessings of the temple are true, that my husband and I are sealed for time and all eternity, that the family is ordained of God, and that it is through Christ that we will receive the greatest happiness. I bare witness that He lives, that He loves us, and that He is the way. I share these things in the holy name of Jesus Christ.

I recently shared this with someone who was posting about the "Ordain Women" movement. An interesting conversation ensued. I have saved the conversation here.