Friday, November 1, 2013


Tuesday October 29, 2013
I bought my wedding dress. I love it.

A few hours later, the bank calls me, wanting to verify that I did indeed make that purchase, since it was a large chunk of money all at once.
I told them "yes, I approve that transaction."

Thursday October 31, 2013
Tyler and I drove around to some apartments to get an idea of what is in the area. I let him drive the bug, since it is a manual and he'll need to get used to its quirks and I'm already comfortable with the car. Since he's still just getting used to it, a bit more fuel than the car typically goes through was used. No biggie. I didn't realize it was on the verge of empty until I had to leave later, though.

Friday November 1, 2013 at 1:30 am
After spending nearly an hour battling with the vehicle's driver's seat (that would not stay in place), I'm finally able to head home. Only the fuel meter isn't rising above the "empty" line. So I use the gasbuddy app and find the closest station that serves diesel. 0.84 miles away for the closest, nearly 3 for the next. 0.84 miles it is.

I arrived to the gas station, parked by a diesel pump, and swiped my card. "Denied". Swipe again. "Denied". Two more times - "Denied - Please see cashier." The station inside is closed, all the lights are off. A young guy in a car pulled up to the pump across from me. He looked to be somewhere between 19 and 23. Had a bluish/gray flat brimmed hat, a t-shirt, baggy jeans, and white vans tennis shoes. He asks if he can help me at all. I ignored him at first. Then he keeps talking, says he wants to help me. I explained "my card is denied, I'm just going to try another pump. I don't need help."

He sticks around. He suggests that I'm being rude and that I don't need to be upset at him. I told him "Look, I'm tired and frustrated, sorry."

Pull up to another pump. Swipe my card. "Denied". He pulls around next to the pump I'm at and continues to offer his help. I continue to try and ignore him as I desperately walk around the pumps trying to get a good enough cell signal to call Tyler and explain the situation. This guy keeps nagging me "I want to help you. Look, I can help you. Let me help you." While on the phone with Tyler, I turn around and say "if you could help me and pay $10 of fuel, that would be a God-send. A prayer answered. I would be so grateful."
"Look, I can give you $20 in fuel. But what can you give me?"

From the time he pulled up and wouldn't ignore my first "I don't need help", I knew he might be trouble.

So I started to tell him "I can't give you anything. I have nothing."

"But I'll give you $20. What can you give me?"
"Nothing, I can't give you anything, I can't do anything for you, I'm sick, I'm poor, I have nothing. I'm on the phone with my fiance."

"Yeah look, you could still give me something. Okay, I know he's your fiance, but I want to help you, and then... what can you give me?"

At this point, I had lost signal with Tyler and was prepping my phone to dial 9-1-1.

He kept pushing "I can give you help if you can give me something."

I told him "are you suggesting I get in the car with you and do stuff with you?"
"No no no no no no no, you don't have to get in the car with me. No no no."
"Dude, you're creeping me out. I don't want to do anything for you. And if you are wanting me to do 'stuff' with you, then I am calling the cops right now. You are creeping me way out."
"No no no no no no no, don't call the cops, I just want to help you, and then you can give me something back."
"You want to help me? You can leave, I don't like you, you are creeping me out. Please leave! Get out of here!! LEAVE!"

"Alright, I'll leave...."

and he drives slowly away.

I got back to a place where I had signal and called Tyler again and started sobbing. He finally got to the station, came over and I just sobbed on his shoulder for a minute. He had me describe the guy, the car he was driving... said if he was there, he would have ripped the guys head off. I could tell he was pissed. Not with me, but that someone would harass me like that.

We put 2 gallons in the tank with his card.

I've been up for the past few hours trying to figure out why this all happened... and I was looking up reasons your card can be denied at the fuel pump.

My stupid bank probably still has my debit card on hold because buying my dress sent up a red flag.

Thanks America First, I could have been raped or kidnapped tonight. I already freaking verified that the transaction is approved (the money still hasn't been taken out of my bank yet, either).

You didn't send me the alerts a few weeks ago when I had withdrawn FIVE TIMES and lost $125 for over-drafting. (Fortunately I got $100 of that back by going in and having Tyler help me explain the situation.)

Will be calling them tomorrow. I know the person I get on the phone will likely have no control over their flagging/holding/suspending policies, so I will not get upset with them. I will, however, try and figure out why my card was denied, get it fixed, and then ask who I can talk to about complaints.

I've never given a real complaint to a business/company before. However, I feel this one is necessary.

I had Tyler follow me about halfway home. I had my pocket knife open and in my lap the whole drive home. Tomorrow (assuming my debit card works...) I will be buying pepper spray that I will carry with me ALWAYS.

I've always wanted a concealed weapons permit. Now I want one more than ever. Had that creep tried to touch me, I would have fought back so hard. However, I know I'm a small person and he probably could have taken me down. I was planning on screaming, biting, kicking, and aiming all my strength at his crotch. I'm so grateful I didn't have to do any of that. I'm also grateful I am safe and came away unharmed. I learned a lot tonight.

So that was my creepy Halloween.

Update - called the bank. My card is not frozen. It is likely the gas station. I'm never going there again.

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