Tuesday, October 16, 2012


"Apparently, the only positions I am qualified for as a summa cum laude college graduate are those for retail, and only because I worked retail in high school. And full-time work so I can pay my bills and student loans? Forget about it! I'm not typically the queen of negativity, but after sending out 50+ applications/resumes, I'm getting a little hopeless." - a music major friend of mine.

Aaaaaaaand that is why I am going to OT school once I am done with my undergrad in the Musical Arts.
I have unofficially decided that when I leave Kohl's in a couple of months to go back to school, I will be done with retail. I am going to start looking for OT assistant positions, private music lessons... anything that isn't food service or retail. Heck, even if I'm just a receptionist at a clinic... it beats standing behind a register with angry customers trying to squeeze every last coupon out of you that they can.

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