Thursday, September 27, 2012


I sound like a lunatic, but I strongly believe that we are past the "beginning of the end" of the world. Things are going to get bad quickly. Everything has been simmering in a giant pot of world destruction, and it is starting to boil over. The frightening thing about it is this: We all knew it would have to happen eventually, but now that it is starting to happen, it's a crap-load of a lot scarier than we could have imagined.
I think the "simmering" phase is over, but the "boiling over" has just begun, and soon, there will be a lot of smoke and things will catch fire, and domino-effect catastrophes will happen everywhere. All the while, more and more ingredients will be added to this recipe-for-disaster concoction until it explodes.
Somewhere in there is the second coming of Christ. I think it will be after the explosion, but not too long after.

In the mean time, I really need to keep remembering to "be not afraid", and that those who are living righteously have no need to fear.
Just keep on pressing forward.

This is not church doctrine or even an evidence-based theory of any kind. It's just my prediction.

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