Monday, July 2, 2012


Back in March, I was feeling very impatient with life. I decided to write out a list of questions for myself to answer in five years. I have it saved on my computer, but I figured I should probably put it someplace where it is less likely to be lost.
If you would like to make one for yourself, feel free to copy from mine. You will need to change some of the questions, of course, but I don't mind at all.

Questions to Answer in Five Years
Written March 2012, to be answered anytime after March 2017.
1. Where do I live?
2. What is my relationship status?
                Depending on that answer:
a.       Who have I been in (a) relationship(s) with?
b.      If currently in a relationship, who is it with?
c.       If currently in a relationship, do you think it will progress?
d.      If currently in engaged, when/where is the wedding going to be?
e.      If married, when/where was the wedding?
f.        If married, do I have any kids yet?
g.       If single, what I am I doing to continue being the best I can be and be happy?
h.      No matter the relationship status, have I been through the temple yet?
i.         If married, where was the honeymoon?
3. Do I have a job?
                Depending on answer, go into detail.
4. How much education have I completed?
5. What was my focus on in my schooling?
6. Did I serve a mission?
7. Am I an aunt yet?
8. Are any of my other siblings married?
9. Has anyone in the family (immediate and extended) passed away?
10. What pets do I have/have I had?
11. Is Hoover still around?
12. Where do mom and dad live?
13. Where do my siblings live?
14. What callings have I had/do I have in the church (while writing this I am ward pianist for YSA 50th ward 3rd stake BYU-I)?
15. Who is my best friend?
16. Do I have a car? If yes, what kind?
17. Can I speak anything other than English and a bare minimum of Spanish?
18. Have I been outside of USA yet?
19. What has been the hardest thing I have done/gone through in the last five years?
20. How are the non-members of my family doing?
21. What is my favorite color?
22. What has been the happiest/best thing I have done/gone through in the last five years?
23. Did I have anymore crazy roommates?
24. What have been some major musical accomplishments I have achieved in the last five years?
25. Have I been to any new states in the last five years? (Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Montana, North Dakota, Arkansas, West Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Hampshire, Vermont, Tennessee)
26. Any new signs of the Second Coming?
27. Who is the current prophet and who are his apostles?
28. What callings do my family members have?
29. Has cousin Spencer married yet?
30. How about Andy or Daina?
31. Ben and Dani have any kids?
32. Shelley and Trev have any more?
33. Any other cousins/family married/have kids?
34. What is my current biggest struggle/weakness?
35. What am I better at now that I wasn't so good at five years ago?
36. Four and a half years away from being thirty. How do I feel about this? At 20 1/2, I feel okay with it. I hope to not be dreading it in five years.
37. How is my health?
38. How is communication with family? Better not be any stupid drama!
39. What hobbies do I have?
40. Any near-death experiences?
41. Have any major disasters in the last five years had an impact on my life? (weather, earthquake, terror attacks, drought, car accidents, etc)
42. What is the latest fashion trend (Hipster is 2012) and do I despise it as much as I did the hipster trend?
43. Who is president of the United States?
44. How is facebook doing? Have I dropped it or is it still going strong?
45. Are people still crazy for people like Lady Ga Ga, Katie Perry, Micheal Buble, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, etc? Who is the newest/hottest celebrity that I still just don't care about?
46. What is my hair like?
47. Has my vision gotten worse?
48. Have I still not broken any bones?
49. Still not had any surgeries (not including wisdom teeth)?
50. How is the insomnia?
51. How much debt am I in and how am I working to pay it off?
52. If any grandparents are still alive, how are they doing?
53. What ever happened with Nathan and Ryan?
54. How is Nick?
55. Am I still in contact with anyone from Clarke?
56. Am I still in contact with anyone from BYU-I?
57. What are my current short-term and long-term goals?
58. Has Disney Channel gotten any worse (I can't imagine how, but I believe it can)?
59. What political party do I associate with?
60. How is Nikki Johnson/Riddle doing?

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