Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I officially sold my contract for my apartment at Birch Plaza next semester. I am so happy to be rid of it.
Next semester I will be moving into The Ivy apartments. I am SO excited. I am going to be so spoiled. But I think it will be suiting for my last three semesters. They are going to be very challenging semesters, and I think I'll be deserving an extra nice place to live. And it only costs less than $200 more! It's worth a heck of a lot more than that. I am excited.

But for now I will keep pushing through this semester.

This semester.

Oh boy, this one is crazy.
It is not fun. Some days I am miserable. But the way I see it, things likely won't get worse once this semester is done. There's a possibility, but it is not very likely. Especially since I plan on moving in with people I know from now on. That doesn't necessarily mean drama won't occur, but the chances of it getting this bad are pretty unlikely I would think.

I got some new stickers for my cello case. I designed them online. Here are some photos!

This "caution" one is my favorite.

I also have my plane tickets back home for spring break.
I am so so so so so so excited. :)

This past weekend I had a wonderful time with family in Utah. My cousin Spencer and I are getting to be closer friends, and I love having him around. I absolutely love my family. It was a fabulous weekend. We didn't do a whole lot, but the little things make it memorable none the less. Like watching the "Mr. Springville" competition. Watching countless funny youtube videos with Aunt Linda and Spencer. And like Monday morning. Spencer woke me up by jumping on my bed, shouting "Wake up!! It's past ten thirtyyyy! Time to geeeettt upppp!!!"
Made me laugh. Oh I love my family.
I'm so lucky to have my family. So blessed. And I have learned to not take them for granted.

Never take anyone for granted. That is something I have learned this semester. Your friends and family are the most important people you have here on Earth. I cannot wait to spend eternity with these people. :)


  1. SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!!!!!! Ps.. have you checked the pictures today?

    1. I know me too! And no, I did not check the pictures yesterday OR today (so far)!!