Friday, February 10, 2012


Life in Rexburg is fantastic. My classes are going so well. I hit a plateau in both piano and cello for a while, and I think I finally beat it! I just feel great about where my life is headed.

However, all is not so well at the apartment home. I am being avoided by my roommate. Being given the silent treatment. I have never gotten that before, and it is really kind of interesting. I wonder when it will end, but I am also not worried about it. I just try to be as kind and loving as I can. The rest is up to her.

Certainly makes sharing a room interesting, though.
At first I was really bothered by it, but the moment I told myself to just get over it, put it behind me, and move on with life, I felt a whole lot better. I am focusing on my school work and music, learning a whole lot from the scriptures and all of my classes, staying in touch with family and friends back home, and am just enjoying life right now. My roommate's problems are hers and hers alone. The council I received from my bishop was to just keep on loving, even if I get none in return, and don't let it get to me. Just keep doing the right thing.

I know the Lord is watching out for me, and that as long as I am working hard to be as Christ-like as I can be, then all is well. :)

There is not peace in the apartment, but there is peace in my soul, and what more could I ask for. It is all I have needed for quite some time. A simple change in attitude and a determination to change my thoughts made all of the difference. Plus a lot of prayers and fasting and all of that fun stuff...
See what you can do in your everyday life to think positively. No matter how hard things get, find something to smile about. A great way to start is by opening up the scriptures. Search in the topical guide for something you have a testimony of, or something you want to gain a testimony of, and begin studying. When your thoughts turn to unhappy things, even if they are unavoidable, start thinking of the scriptures. The plan of happiness that God has promised us. I know that by doing this, life will become just a bit more bearable.

Thanks for reading, love you all, and may God bless.


  1. When I was at Ricks one of my roommates took my car without asking to go out with a guy i was seeing on his birthday. I sat there all day wondering why he didn't show up and where my car was. Sometimes you just realize that people suck. Good for you being so positive! <3

  2. Wow Britty... that was horrible of your roommate and of that stinky guy!

    Let her give you the silent treatment, she had this coming! :P

  3. AH Brittany, that's terrible! D: I appreciate some of the horror stories though, it helps me realize I'm not alone in my experience. :)

  4. You're doing quite well in this, don't give and remember the real gospel reason why you are doing all of this.

    I love you dear.