Friday, December 9, 2011


It's time I write something a bit more positive than what I've been writing!

I just had my last week of classes at Clarke. It was long, boring, and did not feel particularly special. This semester sure has been long, yet at the same time it has gone by incredibly fast! The fastest semester I've had by far!
I have been so busy with school and with getting ready to go to Idaho. I can't believe I'm leaving in less than three weeks. I'm really excited! But I'm really nervous, too. And very anxious. There is going to be so much to do the first two weeks, I'm worried about not getting it all done and having problems rise up later. But I pray about it and I keep getting this very strong reassuring feeling that everything will be alright. The Lord is watching out for me.

I'm really excited to get to meet my room mates. Aside from siblings and Marissa, I've never really... worked out well with sharing a room with anybody, but I'm hoping that that's mostly because those were less-than-a-week room sharing experiences and that living together in an apartment is a lot different. Actually, I know it's different. I don't entirely know how, but I'm looking forward to it.

I have so much left to do still! It is finals week now, and I have plenty of studying to do for all of my finals. If I had to take them right now, I would not be ready. I don't like that. So I must work my butt off this weekend. It is all going by so so fast.

The only reason I am not looking forward to this week being done is because Nick is leaving. He is going home to Nova Scotia for Christmas break, and when he comes back in January, I will no longer be here. At least until April. Thank the Lord for skype and our texting plans. I am really going to miss him. :( And my friend Sam from Clarke. These two people are my best friends, and now we're all moving away for a while. Sam is transferring out of Clarke, too, which is great for her. But man I'm going to miss both of these people.
I just try not to think about it too much.
But I'm not worried about myself and Nick. Distance won't be a problem for our relationship. It's only temporary anyway. :)

I love the Lord, I love the knowledge I have, and I know everything will be okay.

God bless, thanks for reading.

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