Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Our sweetest dog, Gus, is going to die very soon. It could be tonight, tomorrow, this weekend. He has cancer in his throat that extends down his chest into his shoulders, and now up into his face, causing his left eye to droop a bit. He has difficulty swallowing and breathing, causing him to choke and gag and vomit a few times a day. His shoulders are also getting very weak, making it harder for him to stay standing for very long, and the slightest bump makes him fall over.

Despite the sickness, Gus is still himself. He is the sweetest dog I have ever known. He never has any interest in competition; he just loves you and wants you to love him.
Though I am very sad about his condition, and I will be very sad when he dies, I'm going to take away many good memories with Gus, and I will learn from his life, as simple as it may have been.
Gus does not care who you are. He will love you. Even if you're terrified of dogs, he will sit down and watch you with his soft dark eyes, his tail gently wagging, paws neatly together, allowing space for the both of you. As soon as a hand comes near his head to pet him, he will push against the hand in response and turn his head to look at you. He loves everyone. Unless you are trying to hurt one of us, he will love you no matter what. And it is impossible to not love him back. Sweet, sweet Gus.

As simple as that is, that is something I will carry with me forever. Love everyone. Be kind to all those you meet. Even when you need to stand up and be defensive, don't worry too much about it. It will all be okay.

I love my dog Gus.

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