Friday, November 4, 2011


This is such an exciting part of life, these years. I'm twenty years old and I have completed about a quarter of my life. Unless I have Grandma Priest genes, then I'm only a fifth of the way there! But boy if there is anything I could do, aside from being able to fly, I would wish to see the future. Five years ahead of now. I want to know where I'll be, what I will be doing, how life will be going! I just know that my twenties are going to be totally filled with some huge life steps. I just can't wait to figure it all out! I am excited to be living it. Yet so impatient, too! I want to know when I will graduate. What I will do and where I will go after graduation. Will I pursue my next degree in music therapy? And my masters in occupational therapy next? Will I get married and move away? Will I have kids? Any pets? Will all of my immediate family still be alive? Extended family? Will I have served a mission? Will I completely change directions and pursue something else in life? How will my health be? What kind of church callings will I have? What kind of jobs will I have? Will I teach? Will I run a business? Will I work part-time in a clinic or hospital? Will I be in a symphony orchestra?

I JUST decided that I am going to write all of these down and seal them in an envelope and keep the envelope with me for the next five years. In five years I will open it and answer the questions!

I think this will help release some of my impatience with the future!

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