Sunday, October 30, 2011


So much has been figured out since my last post!
I know what classes to take. Classes are TAKEN CARE OF!
I have a pharmacy I will use. Still don't know how I will get my shot, but that is a problem to be solved later.
I have put down a deposit on an apartment complex! It is the same apartment I shared in the last post. In the next several weeks I will be assigned roommates and a room.
My anxiety about social pressure is resolved as well. I know that I make my choices, and I just have this feeling of reassurance that everything will be okay and that the Lord is watching out for me. He knows what I want, and I know He knows what I need, and I trust Him, and I am fortunate to have this feeling that, basically, what I want is exactly what I need.
It just makes sense! And I'm so happy! :)

In other news...

I can't wait to leave Clarke. I just can't wait. It's not a bad school, no, but I'm just sick of it. Dubuque is just getting to be too small. I need to get out and spread my wings.

Nick and I were an old couple at the Beytien's party. I walked in and scared Alyson to death - she thought I was really sick! Haha!
We're so ugly! Ha!!

I made my very first quilt. I made one when I was 9, but that was more just me helping my mom make it. I did everything with this. And I gave it to Nick. He had no idea I was making him something! :)

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