Friday, July 1, 2011


If there is one thing about my life that I truly love, it is being an older sister. I cannot imagine life without younger siblings. Without my younger siblings. I love them to no end, and I know they love me. I just love my family all around.
And the fun part about it is that, not only am I older, but I get to be an older sister. I get to talk with my two younger sisters about life and laugh about it all. Talk girl talk with them and be a role model for them. Help them through the tough times, be it a bully at school, a poor audition, losing a friend, or just simply having a lousy hormonal time, I know I am there for them to vent to and be there for honest support. Yet at the same time, I can be there and spend hours in the bathroom making crazy hair styles, giving advise on make-up, go out shopping and get nothing but have tons of fun trying on the highest heeled shoes, the ugliest looking shirts, or the most amazing dresses that we could never possibly afford. It is just such a wonderful part of life and I am so glad I have my sisters for all eternity. And my brother too, of course. :)

Tonight, after enjoying an evening of outdoor activities, socializing, and celebratory fireworks for independence day, Grace and her friend came home to have a slumber party together. We went through our old dress-up trunk. Most of the clothes and dresses in there are worn and torn. So I decided to pull out several of my formal dresses, brought them into my room, and let them try them on and do a photo shoot. It was so fun.

I just love being an older sister. :)

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