Tuesday, May 10, 2011


As I take things one step at a time, life is becoming so much easier. I finished three major projects today after having worked on many of them for several weeks now. Tonight, at 1:10 am, I officially finished my second to final project. I will have finals 3 and 4 out of six tomorrow, and it will be an excellent day for getting work accomplished. I am so looking forward to getting this next day over with.
It is amazing how much anxiety I realize I have been carrying with me. Now that papers, portfolios, projects, performances, and presentations (that's a lot of p's) are all over, I feel I have made Progress! Ha. I also feel a vast amount of relief and freedom.

On Saturday I had the opportunity to go back down to Nauvoo, Illinois and do a temple session. I have not done a temple session since February of last year. It had  been far too long. I was so excited, and it was by far the most spiritually uplifting experience I have had in the temple. And I know each time I go from here on out will be just as rewarding, if not more. I love going to the temple, and I feel so blessed to be in the Nauvoo temple district. It is such a lovely place. :)
This trip was also unique in that my good friend Nick was able to go through and do baptisms with us for his first time ever, having only joined the church in November.

It was a beautiful day. Sunny, 70s, with my two good friends Nick A and Nick D. Such a wonderful day to be with these awesome people in my life.

Nick A and me in front of the temple

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