Friday, April 29, 2011


It's almost 2 am here, and a while ago I finished writing a major paper with an entire annotated bibliography and a thesis/outline. The entire thing is about 15 pages long. It is for that same class I have mentioned in previous posts...
I have been super stressed this week and it is finally catching up with my stomach. As I lay down in front of the toilet a while ago, expecting to hurl, the infamous youtube sensation "Friday" entered my head, but with a slight twist on the lyrics. I will pour them out here. Yes, I know the grammar is awful. But so are the original lyrics. I'm simply imitating. :) This one goes out to all you who have to deal with crohn's disease!

Rebecca Black for "Crohnies"

7 am waking up for the twelfth time
Gotta run fast, cramps are hitting real hard
Lay on the floor till the pain recedes some
Call into work 'cuz you can't leave the bathroom
Reach for your pills in the bathroom cupboard
Dry swallow cuz you got no time to find a cup
Pain lightens up some, getting some relief

Feelin' a little better
Still a bit under weather
Can't my body make up its mind
How are we gonna feel

(we're gonna feel) Lousy! Lousy!
We're just gonna feel Lousy!
Crohn's Disease aint got no sympathy to spare
Lousy! Lousy!
I'm stuck here feeling lousy!
Crohn's Disease aint got no sympathy to spare

Nausea, nausea ugh!
Nausea, nausea ugh!
I hate this disease
crohn's aint got sympathy to spare

That's all I've got for tonight.
Have a lovely Friday! ;)

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