Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Day 17 - Something you're looking forward to.

The end of this &*#(@%! semester. For it all to be over. I'm sick of this. So so so sick. Literally. Stayed home from classes today because of a migraine. My appetite is diminishing again from all of this stress. I am ready to quit these stupid classes. I am sick of writing papers. I am through with dealing with this stupid teacher. I am tired of being in this stupid library!!! ALKDHS:FEJFISDJLFEI UGHHH!!!!!!!!!

I need an escape. :(

I need to watch a really really good movie. One that I haven't seen before. I need to cry during it. That, or laugh throughout the whole thing.

I need to get out of town. I need to drive somewhere that is not Dubuque. I want to spend a day in Chicago.

I need to stop blogging and go look for books to check out for research projects. I want to quit.

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