Thursday, March 31, 2011


After talking with my friend/YSA leader Alyson, it has really hit me that I need a girl friend. I have lots of friends, but none who I am really really close to. I am in desperate need of somebody who I can go do silly stuff with, somebody who I can tell everything to, somebody who I can go shopping with, cry with, talk about guys with, trust, love and just be a friend with.
I have plenty of long distance friends. But having someone who you can do things with in person is so different. And I haven't had somebody like that since my freshman year of high school.

This is one really important reason why I have chosen to go to BYU-Idaho. I'm not going to get a good girl friend in Dubuque any time soon. I need to have a special connection with somebody who I will see often. Not just in class. Not just on Sunday's. Not just in the summer time, or once every couple of years. It really hit me last night that I'm kind of lonely. Yeah, there are people I talk to, and enjoy talking to, but I don't have that best friend relationship with anybody at the moment.

I can't wait to get out of here and spread my wings.

fyi, I'm not lesbien here! lol! Just to clarify ;)

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  1. Ahh I completely understand. I have many friends, but I don't have that friend who, just like you said, I can tell everything to, cry to, laugh with and more. I hope I can find it soon though. So many Great friends but, like you, they are far away. I'm ready for that solid girl friendship and I want to do better about seeking it instead of letting it find me, you know?
    And YAY for BYU-Idaho! Should have chosen Utah ;-) Just kidding. You won't be too far away from me! Maybe we can meet up here and there in the future.