Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 8 - A place you've traveled to.

A place? I have been to loads of places! I'm going to put up more than a place. I can't put them all (there aren't pictures of a lot of them and I don't have the time!), but I will put ones that I have available on facebook.

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures available from Washington DC, but this is me when I was 15 at Virginia Beach. My high school's music department takes a large trip somewhere in the country to compete/perform every two years. My sophomore year was to DC and Virginia Beach.

 My senior year of high school we took the same music trip to New York City. It was so fun! I had never been to the big city, so it was definitely a unique experience.

Family reunion in 2007 was in San Diego, California.

After the reunion, we headed north to see the big trees. Giant sequoias. They were enormous!!

After the big trees that year, we went to Yosemite Natl. Park. It was very beautiful.

We flew home from this same 2007 trip from Las Vegas. On the way there we drove through Death Valley, and stopped to see some of the sites in Vegas, including the fountain show.

Florida is a place I definitely want to go see again! I love the beach.

This last summer we had a family reunion for the other side of the family in California, but this time on the northern end. We spent a whole week camping in Mt. Shasta. Real camping. No reservations to make in order to stay. We just find a place and set up! We parked ourselves next to a creek. We took water from the creek and boiled it to use for drinking and other things, such as short showers and cooking. We also used snow on the tops of mountains to keep in our coolers to keep food cold. That week we climbed about 3 mountains, one of which had a pure water lake at the top that we got to swim in. We also went hiking/exploring in an ice cave. It was probably close to 4 miles long of pitch black darkness. We had flashlights, gloves, lots of layers on for warmth, and our curiosity to lead us the way. No tour guides, hand rails, nothing! SO COOL!!

The day before we left Mt. Shasta, we were referred by cousins to this site about 5 miles away from the camp. There is a ledge right next to the waterfall that you can jump off of. We jumped off the cliff (which is a lot higher than it looks in this picture! This is a canyon-like area and the picture was taken while climbing back up - this place is huge! Those trees are enormous!), swam over to some rocks and rock climbed back up, ran over and did it all again!

I had been here before many many many many many years ago, but that was before the age of digital cameras. We stopped in Utah on our way home to stay with family, then drove south to see the arches.

Instead of traveling through Wyoming on the ride home from the west, we decided to take a more scenic route through Colorado. Though the whole trip is about 12 hours longer, I prefer driving through Colorado than Wyoming any day.

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