Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Catching up a Little

I'm attempting to catch up a little on those day "challenges". Just going to do two today. I wanted to do one yesterday but never had the time

Day 5 - Your siblings.

I have 1 older sister, Molly who is married to Kevin, so I have 1 brother-in-law. I have two younger sisters, Sally (16) and Grace (11-going on 12). Then I only have one younger brother, Oliver (8, going on 9). We all get along really well, actually, with a few tidal waves of tears and shouting here and there, nothing out of the usual for a family of 5 kids. Tears and tantrums become far less common as everybody gets older. We're pretty much an awesome family. ;)

Molly and Kevin

Grace (left) and Sally (right)


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